Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Television effects on children can be harmful

                Generally, we know that every house had a television. Doesn’t matter big or small, new or old but it’s still a television. Television effects on children can be harmful. Do you know that? Maybe yes and maybe no, right. Let me tell you then. Children will tend to spend most of their time in front of television. When this happens, children will be having eye soreness, feeling fatigue, inactive, and most part is laziness. Furthermore, due to this problem they will lead them to lack of exercises. Lacking of physical activities isn’t good for children. If they lack of physical activities this will make them turns to overweight or obesity which is not good for their health. On the other hand, television programming promotes negative behaviour. The most prevalent example is violence. For instance, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) shows many violence acts like punching, kicking, throwing, insulting and else. This kind of TV programme isn’t suitable for children as they learn by watching. In addition, parents should play their roles in observing their children on what they are watching. Moreover, late night television leads to daytime sleepiness. TV watching especially late night and violent shows has been connected with poor sleep patterns in children. the emotional stress caused by the shows could be preventing children from getting to sleep and cause nightmares. In turn,abnormal sleep performance. In the nutshell, television do brings more bad effects than hood effect to children.

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