Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Disadvantages of smoking cigarettes

         As we all know, smoking cigarettes are harmful to our health. It’s not worth it to smoke if we’ll get a serious disease later on. Fact says, there are over 700 ingredients in one single cigarette. It also includes a new strain of genetically engineered tobacco with nicotine level ten higher in potency than regular nicotine. The ingredients are caffeine, sugar, salt, rum, alcohol, codeine, methanol (rocket fuel), uric acid, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, metals, ammonia, and radioactive compounds. That is why smoking cigarettes are insalubrious. Besides, we need money to buy cigarettes. It’s just a waste of time spending our money for such a harmful thing. For instance, if we use that money to buy food is better or save that money for future use rather than use it to buy cigarettes. Furthermore, one chemical ingredient of cigarettes which is menthol works on the lung by numbing the lungs. The lungs are seat of emotions so by smoking menthol cigarettes, a smoker was numbing his/her emotions at the expense of risking cancer and ultimately death. Apart from that, there are more serious long term effects as well. Smoking can causes lung cancer, emphysema, which causes the narrowing, and clogging of the airway passages in the lungs. To sum up, there’s no doubt that smoking cigarettes give more disadvantages to us rather than advantages.

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