Friday, March 25, 2011

"A Great Talker Is A Great Liar"

A smooth and persuasive talker may be a good liar.
This maybe true or maybe not.
A great talker often try to earn our confident and also our trust.
It is most essential for them to earn those two from us.
It will be easier for them to maipulate ourselves,
Once they have earn our confident and trust.
We should be more aware of it.
So the conclusion is,
We need to be more careful when dealing with someone like that.

Think You Smart?

If you think english is easy,
Fill this blank with "Yes" and "No".
  1. ______ I don't have a brain!
  2. ______ I don't have sense!
  3. ______ I am stupid!
Who said English is easy ?!

Check This Out

What Science Say?

Frequency of my message,
May be less,
But the time I remember you is more.
Thats why Science say,
"Frequency is inversely propotional to time"

Second Expression


Some day in the future,
I will,
For sure,
Hold it in my hand,
Let it set ablaze,
A light in your empty heart.

The impluses of wanting to meet you,
The fireflies have gone into the blaze of the summer,
To never come back again.

You remained silent and left me a kiss,
Pained and hurt,
I nodded my head,
Your life flickered like a light,
It was so sad.

My sweet,
Lovely dear,
I can see you too now,
The dazzling moon will softly,
Illuminate the morning day,
Strongly shine on. 

First Expression


I'll hold you in my arms,
The light in my pure heart is burning up.

The drive of wanting to see you,
The naivete that makes me want to cry,
The fireflies that dove into the flames of summer don't come out.

The kisses you gave me without saying a thing are left behind,
and you bowed to me while you were aflame,
This sorrowful life was trembling.

My dear,
I can see you now,
The dazzling moon is shining on tomorrow,
Stronger shine.