Tuesday, January 3, 2012


HEY GUYS ! It's 2012 . WOHOOO ! actually 3rd January 2012 . but never mind that . its still new year what ? haha . its not too late for say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! better late than nothing right . oh yeah , this new year was my first time to celebrate my new year at Sandakan . I didn't plan it actually . it just happened . haha . its quite nice actually to be celebrating new year from our usual place or hometown . Plus , to be with someone that we love . WAA !! AWESOME . being with someone we love was , i don't know how to say it but its great . but better than great . haha . I really enjoyed my time there at Sandakan . also , i got the chance to meet my lecturer . hanging out with her and also with my dearest @ mumy cyg :P great time together . I'm gonna miss that sweet moments . there are many things happened while I was there . happy , anger . haha . sweet , sad , lazy , and many more . there are too much to say . but I'm kind of lazy to type  . haha . tomorrow is my final exam . wish me luck guys . FYI , I didn't do any of my revision yet . haha . anyways , best of luck to me . adios mentos :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Television effects on children can be harmful

                Generally, we know that every house had a television. Doesn’t matter big or small, new or old but it’s still a television. Television effects on children can be harmful. Do you know that? Maybe yes and maybe no, right. Let me tell you then. Children will tend to spend most of their time in front of television. When this happens, children will be having eye soreness, feeling fatigue, inactive, and most part is laziness. Furthermore, due to this problem they will lead them to lack of exercises. Lacking of physical activities isn’t good for children. If they lack of physical activities this will make them turns to overweight or obesity which is not good for their health. On the other hand, television programming promotes negative behaviour. The most prevalent example is violence. For instance, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) shows many violence acts like punching, kicking, throwing, insulting and else. This kind of TV programme isn’t suitable for children as they learn by watching. In addition, parents should play their roles in observing their children on what they are watching. Moreover, late night television leads to daytime sleepiness. TV watching especially late night and violent shows has been connected with poor sleep patterns in children. the emotional stress caused by the shows could be preventing children from getting to sleep and cause nightmares. In turn,abnormal sleep performance. In the nutshell, television do brings more bad effects than hood effect to children.

Disadvantages of smoking cigarettes

         As we all know, smoking cigarettes are harmful to our health. It’s not worth it to smoke if we’ll get a serious disease later on. Fact says, there are over 700 ingredients in one single cigarette. It also includes a new strain of genetically engineered tobacco with nicotine level ten higher in potency than regular nicotine. The ingredients are caffeine, sugar, salt, rum, alcohol, codeine, methanol (rocket fuel), uric acid, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, metals, ammonia, and radioactive compounds. That is why smoking cigarettes are insalubrious. Besides, we need money to buy cigarettes. It’s just a waste of time spending our money for such a harmful thing. For instance, if we use that money to buy food is better or save that money for future use rather than use it to buy cigarettes. Furthermore, one chemical ingredient of cigarettes which is menthol works on the lung by numbing the lungs. The lungs are seat of emotions so by smoking menthol cigarettes, a smoker was numbing his/her emotions at the expense of risking cancer and ultimately death. Apart from that, there are more serious long term effects as well. Smoking can causes lung cancer, emphysema, which causes the narrowing, and clogging of the airway passages in the lungs. To sum up, there’s no doubt that smoking cigarettes give more disadvantages to us rather than advantages.

Nice Quote

There's no need to rush.
If something meant to be, it'll happen. 
In the right time, with the right person and for the best reason.

In  a relationship, people always rush in things. People always say a good thing is not good to be delay. Yeah, maybe it's true but if both of you are meant to be together, it won't change anything. It will happen. It's just a matter of time whether sooner or later it'll definitely happen. Besides, when doing things, timing is the most consideration of all. Too soon or too late it'll just make the thing more difficult and more complicated. If the timing is right then it'll be great. It's hard to describe the right timing, you have to experience it yourself then. no one can tell you when is the right timing. Whether it's for confession, expression, advice or anything. Apart from that, finding a right person is not an easy task. Sometimes we are busy finding the right person far far away, where that person is always there in front of us. It's just us who didn't really see who they are. To sum up all, everything happened for a reason and it may be happened for a best reason.

Why Do Mosquitoes Keep Buzzing In Our Ears(RP)

       Once upon a time, a handsome young man was lost in the forest. He had gone hunting but did not manage to leave the forest before nightfall. He decided to look for a good spot to settle in for the night. He saw a big tree and sleep under it because he felt it's kind of dangerous to continue hunting like that. That night, mosquitoes came to attack him. But, these mosquitoes decided not to do so because that man was very handsome. They thought their queen might be interested to that man. Then, the mosquitoes head back to the queen’s lair. At the queen’s lair, the mosquitoes tell the queen about what they saw in the forest. They told the queen that they found a man resting in the forest. A handsome man they said. The queen looks very interested with their story. After all, the queen does really like handsome man. She ordered her men to lead her to that handsome man. The mosquitoes lead the queen to the hunters’ rest spot. Once they arrived, the queen changed her men along with herself into human so that the man won't be scared to them. Once transformed, the queen woke the handsome man. He was kind of shock and asked who were they. The queen said, she is the queen in that village. She asked him what was he doing here in her village. The handsome man explained himself that he had gone hunting in this forest but got lost and didn't manage to find his way back home. So, the queen invited him to her village to stay at her place for the night and promised that her men will show him, his way back home. That man really didn't have a choice so he just followed what the queen said. Upon reaching the village, a feast was ready before their arrival. Everyone drank and ate a lot. As time passes by and everyone including the Queen were fast asleep because they drank to much except the handsome man. The handsome man felt so bored and took a strole around the house and found a big jar full of blood inside it. He was shocked. At the very moment, he knew that the queen and her man was a mosquitoes. A blood sucker. He decided to run away from the queen's lair until something crossed his mind. The queen’s earrings looked beautiful. That would be a good souvenir for me said the handsome man. Then, he took one of the queen’s earrings and left the lair and ran towards sea and far away from the queen’s lair until he felt safe. After awhile, the queen woke up from her sleep and suddenly she found out one of her earrings were missing. She  was wondering where was her handsome guest was. She was in rage, be cause her guest went missing and her men were asleep too.  Then, she ordered her knights to hunt the handsome man as he was suspected to be the one who stole her earrings. The mosquitoes seek for this handsome man but they couldn't find him anywhere. Up until now, the mosquitoes are still trying to find the queens’ missing earring. And this is why the mosquitoes keep buzzing in our ears. The end!