Tuesday, January 3, 2012


HEY GUYS ! It's 2012 . WOHOOO ! actually 3rd January 2012 . but never mind that . its still new year what ? haha . its not too late for say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! better late than nothing right . oh yeah , this new year was my first time to celebrate my new year at Sandakan . I didn't plan it actually . it just happened . haha . its quite nice actually to be celebrating new year from our usual place or hometown . Plus , to be with someone that we love . WAA !! AWESOME . being with someone we love was , i don't know how to say it but its great . but better than great . haha . I really enjoyed my time there at Sandakan . also , i got the chance to meet my lecturer . hanging out with her and also with my dearest @ mumy cyg :P great time together . I'm gonna miss that sweet moments . there are many things happened while I was there . happy , anger . haha . sweet , sad , lazy , and many more . there are too much to say . but I'm kind of lazy to type  . haha . tomorrow is my final exam . wish me luck guys . FYI , I didn't do any of my revision yet . haha . anyways , best of luck to me . adios mentos :)

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