Thursday, November 3, 2011

How To Improve English Proficiency

          Nowadays, English become the second language in everyday speech. People tend to speak in English whether in conversations, formal meeting, and lecturing. However, what's worrying is that they tend to mix up languages or make it shorter. For instance, teenagers tend to mix up Bahasa and English in their speech where they also make the word shorter or improperly pronounce it. An example; a conversation between Jonathan and Clarissa.

Jonathan          : Hey, how are you?
Clarissa           : I'm fine bah. You?
Jonathan          : Same-same lah kita ni.
Clarissa           : Ohh. Baguslah.
Jonathan          : Naa, together-gether pula kita ni.
Clarissa           : Umm, really? Ada-ada seja kau ni.
Jonathan          : Ada lah bah. macam bad mood kau ni?
Clarissa           : Iyaa. Teda mood bah right now.
Jonathan          : Why?
Clarissa           : Nothing. Malas mau story.
Jonathan          : Sharing is caring bah. Story lah.
Clarissa           : Don't want lah. It's something private bah.
Jonathan          : Ohh, like that.
Clarissa           : Yes.
Jonathan          : Better you go rest lah. Then you'll fell much better after that.
Clarissa           : Umm, yala. Talk to you later then.
Jonathan          : Okay. Take care.
Clarissa           : Kau juga take care.
Jonathan          : Okay bah kalau kau.
Clarissa           : Bye.
Jonathan          : Bye.

          How are we going to improve our English proficiency if we speak like that. Its not just mixing up languages but improperly pronounce the word itself. That's right, English is not our language but remember that English is use widely throughout the world. Besides, it is also as a conductor language in some universities and colleges. Meaning to say, it is important for us to improve our English proficiency. But the problem is, how are we going to do that. Well, it is not that difficult. When there is a will, there is a way. Stop giving excuses and start improving our proficiency in English. Here how it goes;
  • Practice speaking proper English from now on!
  • Stop! adding words like "BAH, LAH, MAA, ARH" at the end of speech
  • Stop! mixing up languages together while speaking
  • Start pronounce each words properly
  • Watch English drama, movies, or news more
  • Consult your English teacher regarding this matter
P/S   : Try the tips and START practicing it! Hope this tips will improve our English proficiency. Happy Trying Guys ! :D