Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Do Mosquitoes Keep Buzzing In Our Ears(RP)

       Once upon a time, a handsome young man was lost in the forest. He had gone hunting but did not manage to leave the forest before nightfall. He decided to look for a good spot to settle in for the night. He saw a big tree and sleep under it because he felt it's kind of dangerous to continue hunting like that. That night, mosquitoes came to attack him. But, these mosquitoes decided not to do so because that man was very handsome. They thought their queen might be interested to that man. Then, the mosquitoes head back to the queen’s lair. At the queen’s lair, the mosquitoes tell the queen about what they saw in the forest. They told the queen that they found a man resting in the forest. A handsome man they said. The queen looks very interested with their story. After all, the queen does really like handsome man. She ordered her men to lead her to that handsome man. The mosquitoes lead the queen to the hunters’ rest spot. Once they arrived, the queen changed her men along with herself into human so that the man won't be scared to them. Once transformed, the queen woke the handsome man. He was kind of shock and asked who were they. The queen said, she is the queen in that village. She asked him what was he doing here in her village. The handsome man explained himself that he had gone hunting in this forest but got lost and didn't manage to find his way back home. So, the queen invited him to her village to stay at her place for the night and promised that her men will show him, his way back home. That man really didn't have a choice so he just followed what the queen said. Upon reaching the village, a feast was ready before their arrival. Everyone drank and ate a lot. As time passes by and everyone including the Queen were fast asleep because they drank to much except the handsome man. The handsome man felt so bored and took a strole around the house and found a big jar full of blood inside it. He was shocked. At the very moment, he knew that the queen and her man was a mosquitoes. A blood sucker. He decided to run away from the queen's lair until something crossed his mind. The queen’s earrings looked beautiful. That would be a good souvenir for me said the handsome man. Then, he took one of the queen’s earrings and left the lair and ran towards sea and far away from the queen’s lair until he felt safe. After awhile, the queen woke up from her sleep and suddenly she found out one of her earrings were missing. She  was wondering where was her handsome guest was. She was in rage, be cause her guest went missing and her men were asleep too.  Then, she ordered her knights to hunt the handsome man as he was suspected to be the one who stole her earrings. The mosquitoes seek for this handsome man but they couldn't find him anywhere. Up until now, the mosquitoes are still trying to find the queens’ missing earring. And this is why the mosquitoes keep buzzing in our ears. The end!

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