Wednesday, December 14, 2011


You have to HURT in order to LEARN.
FALL in order to GROW.
LOSE in order to GAIN.
Most of life's lessons are learned with PAIN.

Getting hurt is the easiest way to learn. If we don't get hurt, we won't learn the lesson. Getting hurt remind us not to repeat the same mistake again and over again. One should be enough. Nothing would be better. Apart from that, learning is not an easy process. Learning needs determination and hard work. That's is why we have to get hurt in order to learn.

It's not every time that we are a winner, there's a time when we'll fall down. But doesn't mean that if we fall down, we can't climb up back. Never lose hope and always have faith. Falling down make us grow. Make us realize that there are more things to be explore. When we feel that we are good enough, we tend to be arrogant and look down to others. But once we fall down, that time we'll know how small we are.

Apart from that, it's not every time we'll get what we want. There are things that we'll lose in order to gain something better. We all know that to lose things it's such a painful feeling to bear . Sometimes we might do reckless things because of lost self-control. Losing something might be a new journey to live on with. We won't know how it's going to be. Just move on and think positively.

In the nut shell, pain is like a teacher to us who always teach us to be a better person. All the hardship in life is to shape us to be firm, determine, never give up, to appreciate things, to think positive and else. Like earlier, most life's lessons are learned with pain.

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