Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unforgettable Childhood Memory

When Thing Turns Ugly

Everyone had their own childhood memories. That’s also includes me. Those memories can be happy, hilarious, sad, embarrass and many more. So, here am I standing in front of you to tell you about my unforgettable childhood memories.

It was in the year of 2001, the event took place in Kampung Pasir Putih Putatan, the place where I lived with my family. That year, I was only a 9 years old boy. Maybe a naive kind of boy but at the same time was kind of naughty too. Yeah, I can assure you that.  It’s a common thing for a child to be naughty and all that because children are still children which cannot think quite well enough.

Okay! Enough with the chit chat and the definition of all that. Let us carry on with my unforgettable childhood memories. So here goes nothing. Well, it all started in the early morning.  I woke up from bed like always. Tidy up my bed and all that then went to the bathroom to take my shower. Yeah, it feels refreshing after shower. Every thing was like always. Nothing much was different from yesterday and yesterday and yesterday. Whoa! How much yesterday do I have to say? Well, never mind that. I was preparing myself to school that day. Of course going to school right where else could I be?

After finished my breakfast, I went to school with my cousin. We only walked to school. No bicycle and all that because the school only located half kilometer from my house. The school name was “Sekolah Kebangsaan Putatan”. There where I was schooling while in primary school. Once we arrived at school, meaning to say I and my cousin, we met our friends there and together went to the classroom. We had a great time together at school because there at school we have lots of friend and kind teachers. It not like being at home was not fun but the environment was slightly different. You know what I mean right.

It was a fine day all along or was it a great day? Umm, I think it was a fine day, great day maybe, nah! It was a fine day. Well, maybe so-so. Actually, I didn’t quite remember myself. Haha! Silly me. Everything was okay until a devil inside me persuaded me to tease my friend. Yeah, such a bad boy, bad bad boy ikhwan! Haha! It all started a period before recess. The friend of mine was a girl. I love to tease her. The way she looked at me with her angry faces look kind of cute. Hehe! That’s why teasing her was like a habit to me. I keep teasing and teasing and teasing. She with her cute angry face looked at me in furious but I just don’t really care. I’m such a bad boy, right?

Everything was fine. It’s hilarious to see her with the angry emotions on her face. I knew not for her but for me, it’s a YES!!! The teacher left the classroom earlier because there’s something she had to do. So, I became more and more unstoppable. I was enjoying the time, running and jumping in the classroom like a lunatic. But great time suddenly stops when I heard a sound. CRACKKKK !!! It was like OH MY GOD! What was that sound? I was stunned at the very moment and stand still like a log. Came to think about it, I quickly move my hands to my pants and I noticed that something was not right. I felt kind of windy between my legs and at the very moment, I knew that my pants were TORN! My cheeks were blushed and slowly walked to my chair and sat quietly. Every eye was at me focusing on me all alone. Yeah, it was embarrassing. But I noticed that they didn’t know what really happened. So I just keep quiet and acted like a very good and innocent boy.

It recess time. Everyone was out for their recess except for me. How am I going to walk with a big hole on my pants? If it was just a small hole, then it’s okay. But IT WASN’T!!! I was thinking how am I going to walked to home in this very condition? Whoa! Really stress thinking about it. I really don’t know what to do back then. I saw my notebook and TING!!! An idea came out of my mind. Well, I’ll just put my bag on and stick the notebook between my back and my bag. Just to cover the torn pants. ARHHH!!! Time was ticking really slowly and I just can’t stand to wait the bell rings. After a long wait, RINGG!!! The bell rings! I pack my stuffs and do what I’ve planned back then and just run as fast as I can. It such an embarrass moment for me. Maybe it was karma because like to tease my friend. So, moral of the story, don’t tease your friend excessively. The end.

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