Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lesson Time!

In a school, a student ask his teacher while his teacher is teaching about love.

"Miss, how do we choose someone that is best for us to love? and how to take a good care of that love so it would last?" Asked the student to her teacher.

"Okay, you just follow what i told you so. I want you to go to a field. Field that full with flowers. You walk on that field while looking at the flowers that lies before you. Choose the MOST BEAUTIFUL one without looking back even just for once. Once you've chosen the MOST BEAUTIFUL flower, bring it to class." Said the teacher to her student.

When that student come back to his class, there's no flower in his hand.

"Why didn't you bring any flower with you?" Asked the teacher to her student.

"Just now as i walked on the field, i seek for the MOST BEAUTIFUL flower among all. I admit there're lots of beautiful flower but as you say, only choose the MOST BEAUTIFUL flower. So, I continue walking along the field while looking for the MOST BEAUTIFUL flower without looking back again. But as I reached at the end of the field, I couldn't find the MOST BEAUTIFUL flower i was looking for. Maybe it was between the flowers behind me but as you say, I can't look back again. So, there's no flower was chosen by me." Said the student explaining  himself to her teacher.

"YES! that's the answer to you question. Meaning to say, once we've found someone that we love, never seek for someone who is better than he/she is. We should really appreciate someone who is in front of us. Don't we look back again because what done is done which can not be undone. Hope that what has happened will never be happen again. Remember that the one that we love and care is the MOST BEAUTIFUL. Although there're many beautiful flower just like that one." Said his teacher explaining herself to her student.

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