Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its Been Awhile

Hey Guys ! :D
Its been awhile since my last updated post.
I kind of longing to updated my blog.

Well, I've been away because of two things,
The first thing is,
I don't really have ideas for my posts.


And the second thing is,
For last few weeks I've been busy,
So meaning to say,
I don't really have much time to spend in here,
Need to complete all my assignment and quizzes.
Plus, it also my final exam week too.
I need to do my revision and my last minute revision.



 Well, exam week finished already,
About two (2) day ago,
Feel so relieved now.
All that burden,
It just disappeared just like that once its all over.

Now ~
Its HOLIDAY time ! :D
Three (3) weeks of holiday.
Almost one (1) month.
But, I wonder whether my holiday would be wonderful or boring?
Well, I'll just have to see it myself then.

Last word,
Happy Holiday to all Cosmopoint Sabah's student.
Have an awesome holiday.

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