Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Sorrow Feels Like ?

Like the flowers dancing in the wind,
Like the rain moistening the earth,
Although this world trives on interdependence,
Why do people hurt each other?
Why do we have to part?

Even if you're far away,
In the depths of this heart,
Completely filled with that gentle smile,
Are still connected in spite of pain,
So, I believe that we'll meet again,
I'm waiting for your love.

Share your loneliness with me,
I love you,
I trust you,
Even in light or even in darkness,
Because we're together,
We can believe in each other
Don't leave me.

Who watched the world end?
Who proclaimed the end of the journey?
It's a long night,
And we can not see the answers,
Still I hope you keep to the road you believed in,
Because at the end,
Light is waiting.

the song you taught me,
Is still in the deepest reachest of my heart,
Echoing along with that gentle voice.

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