Saturday, February 12, 2011

Proverb to INSPIRE


Its defined,
When a person really wants to do something,
He will find a way of doing it.

This is such an inspirational proverb.

When one is in trouble,
Others will say "When there's a will there's a way"
And thinking about it for a second ~
They have point there and they were right.
There where we got spirit and courage to move on.

For example;
A student often fail in every test and examination he take.
But, he only fail on Mathematics subject.
He doesn't like to learn that subject at all.
Because he thinks that Mathematics subject is bored and difficult for him.
With lots of calculation and all that,
He just can stand it.
He lost his spirit to learn that subject afterward.
Then his friend approach him and tell him not to give up.
Easy to say but difficult to do according to him.
Then his friend says,
"When There's a Will There's a Way"

If we think about it,
We surely can do almost anything.
That's what we call the POWER OF WILL.

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